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Holiday Peace Cards Box of 12

New Price!! Just $5 for one box of 12 greeting cards!
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“May the pictures created by our children be the seeds for peace and love that will blossom in every corner of the world.”
--Eva Kor, Founder of CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center

See all 12 card designs below:

Niccole Bishir

Sierra Lowe

Bo Turner

Landon Boland

Miguel Jimenez

Joy Noel

Autumn Martin

Celia Grubba

Jamie Hoggatt

Mary Sebastian

Frances Ripley

Keveon Wynn


This holiday season, you can help us send messages of peace throughout the world. Over the past several weeks, we conducted our first-ever Holiday Peace Card Contest. We asked students in grades K-12 to design holiday greeting cards with a theme of peace to people of all cultures and religions.

We received 568 heartwarming entries that show the power of our young people’s imaginations and their hope for a more peaceful world. Our board of directors selected the top designs to package as greeting card sets, with each set containing 12 unique designs such as the one enclosed. With these cards, you can send out Hanukkah, Christmas, or other holiday wishes while helping us preserve the history of the Mengele Twins and prevent hatred and prejudice!

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